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Refractory Supplies and Installation
24hr "Go anywhere Service"
Hot and Cold Thermal Insulation Contractors

Skilled Refractory Masons for hire on an hourly or weekly basis.

Qualified Engineers' Supervision available at all times.

Cape Town Stocks
Refractory castables / rammables 1000°c to 1800°c
Various Qualities of Fire and Insulation Bricks
Precast Shapes Manufactured ie. Burner Blocks and Launders


CALDERYS Refractory Materials

Contact Directly at http://www.calderys-group.com/

Sheet Metal Suppliers

Galvanised / Stainless Cladding fabricated and fitted on request.

Ceramic Boards, Ropes, Papers and Blankets available.Ex Cape Town.

Acid Resistant Concretes and gunite service available.

Ship deck repairs undertaken using a proven Bitumen / Cement mix.

Pizza Ovens Manufactured

Crematorium Cremator Specialist

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